Our Business

AS ESTKO took up business in 1991, and through constant development, the production and sale of domestic, environment-friendly cleaning products have become the main objectives for the company.

The strategy of AS ESTKO is to be as customer-friendly as possible and to offer the best value for money. Thanks to the quality products, effective advisory service, stable distribution system and favourable payment conditions, the products of AS ESTKO have been met with warm response from consumers in Estonia and also Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus and Finland.

AS ESTKO has developed a quality, environmental and occupational safety policy, and adherence to it must ensure quality production, compliance with the requirements of both the interested parties and legislation, a safe working environment and prevention of environmental pollution.
AS ESTKO has the following certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.


To be a contemporary, responsible chemical company who

  • offers professional solutions to its customers,
  • is a long-term partner to its suppliers,
  • cares about its employees.


  • the development, production and active sale of detergents;
  • training and helping customers to find the best solution;
  • keeping the existing customers, finding new sales channels and markets;
  • constant improvement of the professionalism of employees;
  • providing its employees with modern working environment and conditions;
  • adherence to environmental and occupational health and safety requirements established by laws and good practices in respect to all activities and products;
  • offering quality cleaning accessories and soft paper products along with detergents;
  • promoting non-waste detergents;
  • the use of new, more environment-friendly raw material to preserve the environment;
  • the use of quality raw material in production;
  • carrying out useful outsourcing for the company;
  • improving the efficiency of the company by modernizing production;
  • increasing the value of the company by taking into account the expectations of the owners.