KÄTEdeso LIQUID hand disinfectant

Product codes: 074007 - 0,5 L flip-top/push-pull (sales unit 12pcs)
074005 - 5 L (3 pcs in the box)

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KÄTEdeso is an effective product for professional use in food industry,
public and medical facilities and other enterprises with higher hygiene
requirements where hand disinfection is an important means for avoiding
infection. Due to spirit used in its composition, KÄTEdeso has bactericidal and
fungicidal effects, killing any Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria
and fungi on skin. It also inactivates viruses. Safe to skin with even
frequent use, as it contains skin softening and moisturising components.

Dispense 3 ml of KÄTEdeso on dry hands. Rub all over hands and
remember to rub between fingers, on fingertips and thumbs. Rub until
hands are dry.

Follow safety requirements when handling the product! Contains biocidal product. Read the
instructions before use.