Oksoon efficient odourless disinfectant

efficient odourless disinfectant

Product codes: 061001 - 0,7 L (12 pcs in the box)
061004 - 4 L (3 pcs in the box)
061026 - 16 L
Disinfectant Recommended storage temperature
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Biocide in PT4. Disinfecting equipment, containers, pipes and other surfaces and premises in food industry and farms. Suitable for disinfecting of drinking water ranks; also for disinfecting eggs in confectionery industry.
OKSOON is an efficient odourless disinfectant with a wide range of usages. The disinfected surfaces do not require rinsing, because OKSOON is self-decomposing. Saves energy, as the disinfectant solution can be prepared with cool water. Has antibacterial effect on Gram+ and Gram- spore-forming bacteria, other bacteria and yeast-fungi. Suitable for disinfecting all surface types, eliminating yeastfungi. Beware of painted surfaces that may bleach the paint. Not suitable for rubber.