Foamdex FD 45 alkaline disinfective foam cleaner for food industry

alkaline disinfective foam cleaner for food industry

Product codes: 052212- 20 L
052213 - 200L
Disinfectant Device for cleaning equipment Foam
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Cleaning and disinfecting stainless steel, plastic and ceramic working platforms, floors, walls and equipment. Usable with low-pressure washing, in foam washing machines and in brushwashing.
Foamdex FD-45 is a combination of washing, disinfectant and foam forming ingredients. Biodegradable tensides emulsified effectively grease and protein-stains. At the same time, active
chlorine kills bacteria and disinfects the surfaces. Solution forms thick foam which adheres even to vertical surfaces and increases the washing effect. 2% usage solution where content of active chlorine 900ppm provides fast and effective microorganism killing (in food industry 200ppm level of active chlorine is sufficient for microbiological purity).